A reading experience
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This blog is my experiment. I wanted a place where I could share and save the first impressions books give me, cause with the years I found out I couldn't always recall the thoughts or the feelings I had after reading a book for the first time.
That said, I don't think you will only find my personal opinions here, ultimately, this is a blog completely devoted to books, because they are both my greatest passion and the only thing that never failed to make me feel better in life.


the thing i love about writing is that even when you know where you want to go with your story there’s always a whole bunch of other directions you can take it to make it special and different


me in every social situation: we can be friends when you take harry potter a little more seriously


I honestly love fandoms that revolves around books because I feel we are all one big book club and everyday is show-and-tell where everyone reveals art, writings or edits




one does not simply walk into a book shop and have the strength to not buy a book

Well, sometimes you don’t have the strength but you also don’t have the money