A reading experience
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This blog is my experiment. I wanted a place where I could share and save the first impressions books give me, cause with the years I found out I couldn't always recall the thoughts or the feelings I had after reading a book for the first time.
That said, I don't think you will only find my personal opinions here, ultimately, this is a blog completely devoted to books, because they are both my greatest passion and the only thing that never failed to make me feel better in life.


my whole life is a read-a-thon


I wish that other creative people could carry themselves like rap stars.

Can you imagine if J.K. Rowling started her books the way Jay Z starts his songs? “Best Author Alive!”

Or if Steven Spielberg dropped a film can and walked off the stage after his film screened.

Or if Annie Leibovitz showed you her images and said, “you are now looking at the motherfucking greatest.”

Too funny.